Frequently Asked Bushfire Questions

1. What causes bushfires?
Bushfires have several causes and include prolonged and severe drought and extended periods of high temperatures, lightning strikes, controlled burn offs which go out of control, agricultural activities which spark the fires, campfires which are left burning and arsonists.
2. Can Australia be bushfire proofed?
No. The dynamics involved in the above answer make it impossible to bushfire proof Australia.
3. What states are most prone to bushfires?
From time to time there are states which are prone to bushfires but this is due to weather patterns. There are no states which are more prone to bushfires than others.
4. Are bushfires dangerous?
Yes. Bushfires are dangerous as people have lost their lives, their homes, property, and livestock.
5. Do bushfires cause economic loss to the Australian economy?
Yes. Bushfires often wipe out entire herds and crops as well as homes and cause loss of life which often cause a loss in the region which takes years to recover and causes a loss to the national economy.
6. Are bushfires started by humans?
Yes. Many bushfires are started by human beings called arsonists or pyromaniacs.
7. Did the Aboriginals manage the land by burn offs?
Yes. Even during the time of the Aboriginals, a lot of fires were started because Aboriginal people managed the land by controlled burn offs which alarmed the British settlers.
8. What sex are pyromaniacs?
Usually pyromaniacs are sexually dysfunctional psychopathic males. However some 10% of pyromaniacs are sexually dysfunctional psychopathic females.

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