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Fighting Fires

Firefighting strategy

Around Australia, different agencies use different fire fighting methods. One method that is used in Australia is big fires in forestry areas have water from helicopters sparayed onto them if they are in hard to reach areas.

Another strategy is using Rappel Crews which is quiet simply firefighters abseiling from a helicopter to a area of the forest that they can get to.

Another strategy is to construct a fire break and to make a small fire that leads to the main fire to quell the force of the fire so the officers can get control over the fire.

Another strategy is to use a McLeod tool to clear some of the grass to get access to a hard to reach area.

Firefighters and machines used

Certain areas had alot of success using their own firefighters but in other circumstances, they were forced to use volunteers instead. As described above machines that had a huge part in extinguishing the bushfires were the helicopters because a fair majority of the fires were in the forestry areas of the country. Another point about the helicopters is that these helicopters can drop the water and then refill in under 1 minute t drop another load of water on the big bushfires.